Review | New Kiss Song “Modern Day Delilah”

Review | New Kiss Song “Modern Day Delilah”

Just heard the new Kiss song “Modern Day Delilah” (you can hear the song below) from their forth coming  album “Sonic Boom” due in stores (Wal-mart exclusively) October 6th, 2009. And it’s really good, It ROCKS! As a fan of Kiss from the very beginning (see “My First Concert“) I have to disagree with the comments Ace Frehley made during an interview with Bob Suehs of Rock N Roll Experience on August 20, 2009:

Rock N Roll Experience: Have you heard the new Kiss single, “Modern Day Delilah?”

Ace Frehley: “Actually, I did. I thought it was a good song. Paul’s always been a really good writer and the only thing that I would say that the song didn’t live up to was the fact that I believe they said that all the new songs were going to sound like stuff from the ’70s, and I didn’t get that. The new song sounded like it could be something off an album they did in the ’80s. That’s what I got, but I thought it was a good song”.

I think the new line-up of Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons, Tommy Thayer, and Eric Singer nailed it. This song is classic Kiss from the 70′s and could have easily been on “Kiss,” “Hotter Than Hell,” or “Dressed to Kill” which I’m listening to as I write this review.

Paul’ vocal’s sound as good as ever, you can tell he really pushed himself in the studio. The main riff in the song sounds like vintage Kiss and Gene’s back-up vocals are strong. I really like the bridge in the song after the second verse and lead. Speaking of the lead, Tommy Thayer tears it up, nice length with some traditional scale’s mixed in with modern day techniques. Eric Singer’s drumming is solid and compliments the feel of the song. Paul’s back to basics production on the song is excellent, resulting in a sound that is raw and not over produced.

I hope the rest of the album sounds as good as “Modern Day Delilah.” I can’t wait.

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  1. Chris Knapp says:

    This is a great song. It does have a “70′s ish” sound to it. I think that Paul has never sounded better. Eric’s drumming is really solid. Tommy’s guitar work is amazing. and Gene’s bass and vocals, as always, are in great shape. I cannot wait for this album.

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