Product | Munitio Earphones

Product | Munitio Earphones

You don’t comprimise in your taste in music so why would you comprimise in the way you listen to it?

The late great Steve Jobs gave us the ultimate device in the iPod for listening to the Hard Rock and Metal music we are so passionate about and now Munitio has given us the ultimate earphones to bring it all together.

Munitio Titanium Earphones

Munitio Titanium Earphones

Crafted from Aircraft-Grade Aluminum or Titanium and styled into 9mm shell casings, Munitio Earphones not only sound awesome but look cool as well. They feature an anodized finish for long lasting durability and a heavy duty Kevlar®-reinforced cloth, tangle proof cable that make these earphones a pleasure to use everytime.

Where other earphones fall short to deliver the all important low end bass tones, Munitio Earphones will produce all the low end you can handle with no distortion while producing the smoothest mid to high frequency for a perfect mix. These are not just amazing earphones because the ingenious design also incorporates an in-line mic that makes the Munitio Earphones the perfect field device for music, communications and mobile gaming.

The Munitio Earphones include mutiple SiliconeHollowPoints™ tips for the perfect fit, a storage unit for all your accessories and a convenient portable case to tote your earphones anywhere you go making Munitio Earphones the complete package.

Munitio Earphones will deliver your music with precision unlike anything you have heard before. So plug these babies into you iPod, phone or stereo, crank up your favorite Hard Rock and Metal tunes and prepare to have you mind blown!

Check out the Munitio website here.

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